Tips & Tricks

Having problems with your car? Locked yourself out? Maybe the key won't turn in your ignition?


Our expert drivers are happy to help you; but before calling us, you may be able to help yourself with a few of our Tips and Tricks.


First and foremost, in case of car troubles, please following these basic safety rules.


  • Turn on your emergency lights to notify all surrounding cars of your situation

  • If you are on a highway or street, try to safely move the car to the shoulder, away from traffic

  • Refrain from walking where there is any car traffic

  • Stay in the vehicle unless it is unsafe to do so. Be careful with door when dismounting vehicle

I can't shift my car out of "Park" and into gear!

Most cars with automatic transmissions require you to step on the brake before you can shift into reverse or drive. This is a safety feature that prevents the car from accidently being taken out of park. Just press on the brake a little firmer and see if this takes care of your problem.  If not, give Bob's Auto and Towing a call. Our Certified Technicians will be happy to help get you back on the road. If you have a preferred mechanic, our expert drivers can get you and your car where you need to be.​

When I turn the key, nothing happens!

This can be one of many things...


  • Does your car have a manual transmission(clutch)? Make sure you are pushing the clutch in fully before turning the key. This feature helps prevent the car from lurching forward or backwards by not engaging the transmission when the engine starts.


  • Does your car have an automatic transmission? Make sure it is in park. Many times when people are in a hurry they pull into their parking spot and shut the car off without putting it fully in park.


  • Some of the other causes could be a low battery, starter issues, ignition problems, etc.  In those cases, give Bob's Auto and Towing a call. We can send one of our expert drivers to first attempt a jump start on your car. If that fails, we can bring you to our Certified Technicians for a diagnostic and repair, or to the repair shop of your choosing.

I locked my keys in the car!

First, check and make sure all of your doors are actually locked.


Next, check to see if any of your windows are rolled down. It's pretty common that once you have realized you left your keys in the car, you get a bit frantic. Many times we come onto a scene and either simply open a door or reach through a window and unlock a door.


Once you are sure you have locked your keys in your car, give Bob's Auto and Towing a call. Our drivers are trained to enter pretty much any vehicle and will get you back on the road in no time. Don't worry, we use our powers for good, not evil.


I can't turn the key in the my ignition!

Sometimes all it takes is turning your steering wheel firmly in either direction to allow your key to turn.  Give this a try and if you still can't get it to work, give Bob's Auto and Towing a call.


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