Revisiting the Biggest Tow Truck in Oregon

If there's one lesson Bob's Towing has learned it's, "Big problems need big solutions." Combine sudden snow storms, logging roads, flash floods, forest fire threats with 32' RV Homes, Loaded Tractor-Trailers, or full-sized school buses; and you quickly have a major issue in on your hands. That's why Bob's Auto Repair and Towing is proud to own the biggest solution in all of Oregon. Bob's T55 "Optimus" has only been a team member for half of a year now and already proven itself to be an asset time and time again.

Just three days ago, our shop was notified by an unnamed company of a tractor trailer stranded on a logging road out in the coastal mountains of Oregon. The caller modestly stated that that vehicle had steered slightly off the road in a ditch. Suspecting the understatement, Derik, our heavy-tow expert, drove out with Optimus to assess the situation. Nearly two hours away from our base and just under a mile into a dirt-and-gravel road, the duo were met with a 50-foot fully-loaded flatbed carrying approximately 60,000 pounds of steel guard rails. The tractor, fully upright and still on the road, hauled a now-warped and twisted bed which hung precuriously off the dirt road. Two gnarled birch trees separated the tilted trailer from a 600-foot drop into the underbrush below. It's driver, fraught with worry, remained otherwise safe and unscathed. He stated that his phone GPS suggested this route and he was not aware of how sharp the curves would be.

The road's remote location provided the only favor of retaining no traffic. With no immediate hurry, Derik took the night to plan and prepare what the next morning would require. After preparations were made and key figures were notified, Bob's was just a matter of hours from starting a complex and tedious tow.

Early next morning, the Bob's Towing crew was rounded up and set out to the wreck site. Using the surrounding environment as bases for snatch-block rigging and the full pulling force of Optimus, the trailer (along with its load) was secured. Then, almost out of a mission impossible movie, our technicians were strapped with body harnesses as they mounted and scaled the tilted trucks to secure straps and chains on to the trailer in preparation to upright the truck. Once the load of the trailer was secured, and the trailer itself was secured, it was up to the heavy-tow expert and Optimus to rescue the entire truck and trailer back onto the road. In a matter of minutes, the truck was shifted over to the road an secured. What was prepared for in hours, was completed in mere minutes all due to the expert work of the crew and Bob's 55,000 pound trump card.

The rest of the operation was far less exciting and much more time-consuming but otherwise impossible the way it was accomplished. While some of the load had been compromised due to the initial impact of the wreck, most of it it made it out unscathed along with the tractor itself. In a pinched road loaded with cons, Optimus managed to pull through and prove its worth to the everyone involved. What could have easily been a logistical catastrophe became a solution for the owners, the property owner, emergency response, and the company.

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