Heavy Tow Tips for Summer

As summertime shines in, we begin to notice a significant influx of heavy vehicles on the road. Tractor-trailers, RVs, over-sized loads, construction crews, and moving trucks are now plentiful in the Willamette Valley as the rain declares it's ceasefire. Individuals from all around the nation hurry to view the Oregon coast, transport goods, or climb the otherwise flooded roads; and with more heavy-wheelers comes a great need for heavy-helpers. These monstrous towing rigs are seldom seen on the road and often ignored when out and about. However, it's these vehicles that come to aid of weary and troubled drivers.

As the summer carries on and the vacationers prepare for their time on the road, we want to remind you to stay safe. No amount of equipment is worth the precious life of an individual. Whether you're just transporting or visiting, if anything goes awry, do not hesitate to call the professionals. It's easy to underestimate how big (relative to your size) some objects can be. Five tips to remember in the case of a heavy incident are:

1. Do not try to recover any vehicle on your own! Call and wait for help.

2. Do not underestimate the weight and size of your load, stay away from any hanging/loose parts.

3. There is no need to stay on a busy road. Stay visible and stay out of harm's way.

4. If you call qualified professionals, you'll get quality service.

5. Trust the professionals; they know the best way to rescue your load/vehicle.

Our driver's at Bob's Auto Repair and Towing in Corvallis strive towards safety and professionalism. It is our policy to assure no additional damage is created onto your equipment. Remember that, next time you experience a breakdown. Quality service starts with the number you choose to call. Bob's is proud of be Benton County's Finest and we strive to get your equipment out and in safe hands.

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