RV Vacation Season!

You've begun to notice the sun's longer hours and bluer skies. After the better part of a year, you've hard at work waiting for just the season to venture out into the Oregon wilderness with your family/friends and now, your vacationing instincts are screaming at you saying, "Now is the time!" You're not the only one with this yearning for a week of sunny bliss, though, and you know that. Maybe you have your own RV or are planning to rent, so you move quick and make your reservations. You gather the troupe and soon enough, you're shaking off the dust and heading out to the open road.

Everything seems swell, that is until you hear a thunderous POP and a fluttering noise with it. You stop on the side of the road only to realize that one of your inner rear wheels fell victim to a large and sharp object's destructive potential. Now you and your loved ones are stranded. So, what do you do?

Your first instinct might be to try and change the wheel yourself and, if you have the know-how and equipment to go with it, that would work swell. If not, there are many dangers and potential damages that stand between you and the chore of changing a single tire. It is always suggested, especially in the case of rental RV's to seek the helping hand of professionals. Technicians like those you would find at Bob's can do all the heavy lifting and hard work for you. Flat fire, wrecked engine, or any other malady; Bob's technicians are ready to do what you need them to do at a moments notice. We drive to you, give you a diagnosis with a quote, and help you get back on your way.

From the coast, through the mountain passes, and throughout the highways and street ways; Bob's is proud be be able to say "We CAN help!" This summer, keep us in mind as you travel. Let us be your emergency help in that terrible instance where help may be needed. For now, we'll keep our fingers crossed in hopes that you will have a great summer voyage WITHOUT any wrecks! But in case that's not enough, remember, we're here to help you.

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