Professional Service: Getting it Right

The concept seems simple enough, right? Vehicle stuck in a ditch so get a bigger car, strap it down to the downed vehicle, and haul it out! Next thing you know, you and your pals are hopping for joy, celebrating your victory over the car-eating ditch. Most of the times, however, it's not that simple nor that fun. Towing professionals have been around about the same time that commercial auto's have been around. As the decades have gone on, commercial/personal vehicle technology has advanced, calling for better-equipped towing rigs and more skilled professionals. Ranging from disabled vehicles in the center shoulder of a four-lane high-traffic/high-speed freeway to a logging truck stranded on a cliff in a blizzard-ridden gravel road, state-of-the-art technology is needed now more than ever before.

That's why no matter how close you might think you are to liberating your 4-Wheel Drive Jeep, you may be just an inch away from making a costly mistake. The general should be, "when in doubt, call a professional." Bob's Towing prides itself in doing winches and recoveries without any additional damage. While some tow companies pride themselves in doing the job quickly, very few of them care to make sure the tow doesn't damage your car further.

Worse-case scenarios happen often when under-equipped drivers attempt a winch. In the following video, watch to see the "technician's" equipment and complete disregard for what will happen after he tips the truck over.

Bob's Auto Repair and Towing is proud to serve the community in a safe and professional manner. We've got the gear, we've got the technicians, and we've got more than enough skill to do things rigth the first time.

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