Iron Meets Iron

Wednesday morning, a logging trucker on his way to deliver large iron beams past Coburg, Oregon halts at a stop light. Overcasted and a slight drizzle, everything about the day so far looks and feels like another productive day in Oregon. The driver, leaning to turn left on the stoplight, begins to press the accelerator when all of a sudden a loud clank is heard from behind followed by a series of even louder booms. The trucker is grounded, his 60 foot iron loads are on the floor and the rear trailer freed from it's now scissored center axle. No one is hurt but it's clear the logger isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

As emegency response arrives and sets up flares as it begins to assess the situation. It is soon apparent to officials that the load is too heavy for any conventional boom tow-truck to bare. Specialized equipment will be necessary. The driver prepares to make the call when he sees one of our premier driver's on our prized heavy-tow truck: Optimus. As fate would have it, Optimus' and its operator are out patroling the I-5 when they see the red and blue flashing lights. The tow operator decides to get in close only to see the spectacle on a Coburg intersection. The call is then relayed to Bob's where the shop is alerted of the situation. Within minutes, a team is dispatched to the location. Along with an additional Heavy Tow Wrecker and a support vehicle, Optimus puts on a lunch-time show for passer-bys. After a brief assessment, a plan is drawn up and the streets are blocked. They must lift the load since it would be too costly to drag and too time consuming to lit single beams at a time. Equipped with a large boom, both Ironhide and Optimus lift the enomous load off the asphalt while the rear trailer is pulled up. The heavy booms allow for safe suspension while the tow crew clears up the mess and realigns the trailers.

After a few hours on the main road, the intersection at Coburg is freed and the truck is routed to the nearest empty lot. City officials comment on the impressive work and equipment. Bob's operators know it's just another day for a Heavy Tow Trucking company, and a memorable day for the logger and the many onlookers.

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