Hit the Ground Rolling

After nearly a week crossing the country, Optimus has made it to its hometown: Corvallis, Oregon. Without much time of rest and recuperation, Oregon's biggest tow truck is up and ready for the work Oregon has been dealing out. On it's premier weekend, Saturday morning, Optimus liberated a grounded Semi-Truck near Tangent off I-5. The semi-truck, sunken into the mud up to its undercarriage on a drainage ditch, would typically require a slow and tedius recovery. Any other tow equipment would have required at least one lane to shut down in order to free this fully-loaded truck safely; that is, if you don't have a 70,000lbs side-pull unit. With the use of only one support vehicle to create a buffer zone for the operator on the shoulder, Optimus single-handedly cleared the truck from the ditch in a few hours. Despite the mud gunking up the undercarriage and part of the tractor's motor, the Semi-truck driver was able to drive his load to his destination safely with no additional damange and plenty of sunlight to spare.

The advantage to having a truck as powerful as Optimus is easy to see, if not obvious. This heavy-tow truck is a model of safety and efficiency at their highest capacity. Minimizing civilian involvement, minimizing time on-scene, and maximizing customer satisfaction; Optimus is our proud jewel and is now servicing all of Oregon, especially it's hometown in Corvallis.

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