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Roadside Assistance

In need of Roadside Assistance? If you find yourself locked out of your car, have a dead battery or maybe a flat tire, or you are in need of a total vehicle recovery, we can help. Our professional drivers will come directly to your location and offer a variety of services to get you back on the road.


AAA members are covered for most services and many insurance companies will reimburse you for our services as well.  Just give us a call and we’ll send our service truck to help you.


Some of our most basic and low cost services include:


  • Jump Start

  • Tire Change/Air

  • Fuel Delivery

  • Lockout


We offer 24-hour towing services in any weather without excuse and we'll send our team out as soon as possible.*

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Our professionals will recover your vehicle and deliver it wherever you indicate. We do all manner of cars from full sized trucks to family vans, sedans, coups, and even SUVs.


In addition to the other services we provide, we offer flatbed towing for your more delicate towing needs.  The flatbed is ideal for lowered vehicles, classic cars, vehicles with multiple flats or extensive structural damage, etc.  They are also frequently used for longer distance tows where using dollies is not practical. Whatever case, Bob's Towing is here to help!

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*Dispatch time and times of arrival vary on weather and current availability.

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