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Expert Heavy Duty Towing in Toledo, OR - When GPS Misleads

When GPS sends you down the wrong road. Bob's Auto & Towing is there to help. From your daily driver pickup to your weekend 40' RV. Bob's has the knowledge, equipment, & experience to tackle the job. Recently our heavy duty tow truck was able to rescue this semi truck on an old logging road near the coast in Toledo, OR. Once we got the tractor trailer recovered to the roadway, the driver was able to drive his big rig away instead of needing any heavy duty towing. Our 50ton wrecker followed the tractor trailer the rest of the way to the main road. #toledoor #heavydutyrecovery #tractortrailerrecovery #heavydutytowing #heavywrecker #heavytowingtoledo #semitowing

Bob's Auto & Towing 50ton Wrecker & 12 Ton Wrecker recovering a loaded semi truck & trailer

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