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Bob's Auto Repair and Towing holds a line of state of the art and  capable trucks dedicated to helping our community. Whether its recovering semi-trucks from floods or towing your bike, we have the gear to serve you in a professional, safe, and friendly manner.


Feel free to view the gallery of our fleet below. Don't forget to click on the images for more info!

T-65 : "Tator"
T65 "Tator" - '18 Peterbilt 1140 Century Rotator
The largest in our fleet, T65 handles large recoveries, off loading and colossal jobs most other trucks cannot do.
T-55 : "Optimus"
2016 Peterbilt 389-HD / Vulcan V103 with SP850XP

A "Class C" Heavy Wrecker, this state-of-the-art truck is specifically built for extremely heavy tows and primed for recovery. It has a 70,000lbs side-pull unit to make one lane recoveries possible on the highway. It has two 50,000lbs winches, two 35,000lbs side recovery winches, one 22,000lbs auxiliary winch, one 55,000lbs long reach under lift, and a 3 stage 35' recovery boom.
T-48 : "Long Haul"
Freightliner Century 120

This modified semi-tractor is equipped with a 450hp Detroit-60 motor and Eaton 10-speed transmission. Long haul is rigged with a massive 320" wheelbase and a z303 wheel-lift which allow it to haul the heaviest combinations for a extended distances at competitive prices.
T-61 : "Bumblebee"
1993 International Emergency Response

Bob's Auto Repair and Towing is committed to providing a safe environment to our workers and customers while on the scene. For those downright dangerous tows, Bumblebee is an auxiliary vehicle that is well-equipped to keep our customers and operators safe and in good hands.
T-20 : "B.E.E.R. Truck"
International 4700 Specialty Response Truck

Bob's Auto Repair and Towing holds a line of new and very capable trucks dedicated to helping our community. Whether its recovering semi-trucks from floods or towing your bike, we have the gear to serve you in a professional, safe, and friendly manner.

Check out our gallery below!
T-50 - "Iron Hide"
Peterbilt 378-V70
A "Class C" Heavy Wrecker. This truck is capable of towing virtually all legal road combinations. Even commercial trucks pulling
T-58 : "Scooter"
2000 International 4700

Our "Jack of all Trades", T-58 is equipped to do light and medium duty tows. With a 6,000lb wheelift, 12 ton boom, dual 10,000lbs winches, and 100' winch cable; Scooter is our go-to truck in Benton County and it is as reliable as it is strong. This truck has a history of recoveries and winches which make it a jewel in our fleet.
T-32 : "Flatbed"
Ford F650 LoPro

A "roll-back" with a true 10,000lbs capacity deck, capable of towing two vehicles at once or truck-with-trailer combos. This truck is suitable for lowered vehicles, and is equipped with all-nylon equipment to prevent damage to specialty cars. This highly maneuverable truck can still turn sharper than many pickups!
T-60 : "Ace"
2016 Ford F450 Extended Cabin

One of our youngest fleet members, the T-60 is no underplayed vehicle. Dedicated to respond swiftly and efficiently to specialized calls, the T-60 is equipped with a 100 foot winch line, full light bar assortment, a Jerr-Dan MPL-NG Wheelift and enough space to fit up to 4 additional passengers comfortably. This wrecker is equipped to do most calls independently.
T-62 : "Red Flatbed"
Ford F650 Extended Cab

A multi passenger "roll-back" flatbed with a true 10,000lbs
capacity. Capable of towing two light vehicles at once, one medium-duty truck or bus, or a truck-with-trailer combination.

This truck can even pull 5th-wheel and gooseneck trailers with a pickup, saving the customer the expense of two separate tow trucks.
T-69 : "Short Flatbed"
T69 '15 Ford is a newer member of our fleet. It's doing a lot of traveling to include this trip to the Santiam River rest stop, North of Albany.
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