Our Commitment

Bob's Commitment

to Safety

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Did you know that on an annual basis, 50-100 tow truck operator will be fatally injured while on the job? Our tow truck operators are not just the friendly, professional guys you call when you need help pulling your car our of a ditch or to give a jump start. Tow truck operators are constantly in dangerous situations. Whether working on a fast-moving traffic filled highway or on frozen roads, a tow truck operator is a friend you call to help you in places where no one else would dare to go.


We are proud to be Benton county's heroes but we know that our type of heroism comes with large degree of danger. That's why,


Bob's Auto Repair and Towing is committed to providing safe service to customers while keeping our employees as safe as possible on the job.


We do this by:


  • Maintaining our equipment in top shape

  • Providing auxilary support to roadside jobs

  • Keeping our employees visible in traffic

  • Providing hands-on training

  • Holding constant communication at the scene


We owe it to the family of each of our drivers to keep them as safe and secure from work-place harm as possible.

#towlivesmatter, we care