About Us

Serving the Community 
since 1977

Mission Statement


Our mission is to work together as a team to service the customer in the most professional, efficient, and friendly manner possible while striving to ensure a profit and maintian our growth as a company.


The customer is the foundation of our buisness.

Customer service is our number one priority.

About Us


Bob's Towing is one of the Willamette Valley's leading Towing & Roadside Assistance providers, handling over 1,000 calls each month! Services include unlocking vehicles, jump-starts, tire changes, recoveries and tows. We can tow all cars and trucks, including wildly lowered/lifted vehicles. We are one of the few providers with specialty motorcycle equipment. Our heavy tow trucks can even tow fully loaded semis with multiple trailers.


Bob's is also the only Heavy Towing company in Benton County. 


Services are not limited to only vehicles; Bob's can also relocate small buildings, transport industrial machinery, and transfer loads for long-haul trucks.