The Fleet

T-50 - "Big Blue"

378 V70

A "Class C" Heavy Wrecker

This truck is capable of towing virtually all legal road combinations. Even commercial trucks pulling loaded doubles or triples.

The BIG BLUE is equipped with dual 35,000 pound winches, a long-reach 35-ton boom and a 144" Euro Stinger capable of lifting 16,000 pounds fully extended
 Freightliner Century-120
A versatile recent addition to our fleet with a Detroit series 60 motor and Eaton 10 speed transmission this tractor is ready to get your load to its destination when your tractor is down for repair. In addition, we can combine this tractor with our tru hitch to tow extra heavy loads..

This "Class C" Tow Truck can move the heaviest loads on the road. Its specialized under-reach lift attaches to the disabled truck in multiple points, allowing the front axle weight to be distributed fully to our Tractor. It is rated to lift axles up to 25,000 pounds.

In case a load needs to be separated from your tractor, T48 can separate from it's Tru-Hitch and pull semi-trailers as a conventional tractor.
 T46 - "Sidewinder"
 Freightliner M2-112

A "Class B" Heavy Wrecker with Side-winch capability.

This truck was configured by Bob's especially for complicated recoveries, aided by the truck's mid-ship auxiliary winch, in addition to twin 15,000 pound winches on the main-boom.

This truck can tow up to 80,000 pounds, yet is maneuverable enough and equipped to tow small cars too.

T41 - "Rhino"
Sterling 4500 Element

This light-medium duty "Auto-loader" can clear a disabled vehicle off
the roadway in under 30 seconds, using in-cab controls for speed and safety.

This specialty tow-truck picks up cars only touching its tires to prevent damage. It is equipped with dollies for towing AWD and low-clearance cars.
T33 - "REPO"*
Dodge 4500 Element

This light-medium duty "Auto-loader" is designed for rapid response, including car crashes, and disabled vehicles blocking traffic.

This truck can also tow Class B & C motorhomes, conventional trailers, and loaded pickup trucks and vans.
*Please note: Bob's does not actually perform repossessions and does not condone practices shown on 
repossession reality TV shows
Ford F650 LoPro

 A "roll-back" with a true 10,000 pound capacity deck, capable towing two vehicles at once or  truck with trailer combos.

This truck is suitable for lowered vehicles, and is equipped with all-nylon equipment to prevent damage to specialty cars.

This highly maneuverable truck can still turn sharper than many pickups!
Ford F650 Extended Cab

A multi passenger "roll-back" flatbed with a true 10,000 pound capacity.
Capable of towing two light vehicles at once, one medium-duty truck or bus,  or a truck with trailer combination.

This truck can even pull 5th-wheel and gooseneck trailers with a pickup, saving the customer the expense of two separate tow trucks.
T23 - "23"
GMC 3500HD HPL-35 Wrecker

This 6-passenger light duty four-wheel-drive wrecker is perfect for off-road and bad-weather recoveries where 4x4 is needed.

"23" is equipped with a 24,000 pound boom and dual 12,000 pound winches, a 3,500 pound vertical-capacity wheel-lift, and a high-capacity "Sling-Lift" which can be used for cars missing axles or suffering from other major structural damage. 
T20 - "B.E.E.R. TRUCK"

International 4700 Specialty Response Truck
Bob's Expert Emergency Response truck contains all the tools
and equipment used for specialized recoveries including semi rollovers and complex winch-outs. This truck is also equipped with clean-up equipment and on-site power.

It's also set up with flagging equipment so our certified flagging crew can safety re-direct traffic around crashes or other road hazards.
2010 Jeep Rubicon

Specialty Off-Road Recovery & Support Vehicle.
This rig is equipped with 500' of winch-line, and scotch blocks, as well as all the necessary gear to provide aid on trails too small for a regular tow-truck to fit.
 T36 -JUNIOR  
 2004 Dodge 1500

This service truck is fully stocked with AAA brand starting batteries,
which we can install at your home or work.

 2004 Mazda B4000 4X4 Plus-Cab

The smallest truck in the fleet, T39 is a rapid-response service truck.

 Not Pictured

T43 - The 450
2007 Ford F450 crew cab
This is our dedicated RV trailer hauler, able to pull 5th-Wheel and Gooseneck trailers up to 30,000 pounds and any truck camper.

2013 Jeep Rubicon 4-door
Specialty Recovery Support Vehicle