Bob's Towing Home

Welcome Back Beavers!

And a warm welcome to all new OSU students too.

If you are new to the area, make sure to check out some of the good eats downtown.  Places like Block 15, Flat Tail Brewing, Squirrels, Local Boyz, American Dream Pizza, Rivas and many more.

Need some entertainment?  Check out the two main theaters, Regal on 9th and Carmike off of Circle and 99 next to Applebee's.  If you prefer something more active, Corvallis was voted most bicycle friendly town in American and the surrounding area is loaded with beautiful hiking trails.

If you are looking for something a bit further out, the coast is an hour West of us.  You can check out Silver Creek Falls about an hour North of us if you like hiking in the woods surrounded by waterfalls. There are 10 of them and you can't beat the scenery.

Whatever you like to do just remember, if you need any help you can give us a call.  Our full service repair shop is ready to get you back on the road and if you can't bring your car in yourself, we are the premier towing company in Benton County.

Enjoy your stay in Corvallis

Please Remember: Move over for ALL Emergency Vehicles, including Tow Trucks & Service Trucks

About Bob's
Bob's Towing is one of the Willamette Valley's leading Towing & Roadside Assistance providers, handling over 1,000 calls each month! Services include unlocking vehicles, jump-starts, tire changes, recoveries and tows. We can tow all cars and trucks, including wildly lowered and lifted vehicles. We are one of the few providers with specialty motorcycle equipment. Our heavy tow trucks can even tow fully loaded semis with multiple trailers. Most calls are responded to within 30-minutes or less. Priority calls within Corvallis usually are responded to within 5-10 minutes.

Bob's is also the only Heavy Towing company in Benton County. 

Services are not limited to only vehicles. Bob's can also relocate small buildings, transport industrial machinery and transfer loads for long-haul trucks.