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We tow motorcycles, cars, pickups, motorhomes, buses, and even fully loaded tractor-trailer combinations!
For AAA members, we'll even rescue your bicycle!*

Are you ready for winter?

As you've noticed over the last week, we're well into the rainy season. Here's a few tips to keep your trips on track:

Tires: Do you still have suitable tread life? Don't forget to check the inside edge, as alignment issues or heavy loading can cause the inside edge to wear quicker than the rest of the tire. Have you checked your air pressure? Remember, you should use the pressure listed on your Tire Loading placard (usually on your door pillar, but sometimes in the glove box door). Usually, this pressure will be less than the max pressure listed on your tire. Running at max pressure can decrease traction, especially in wet or snowy weather, and will cause the center to wear prematurely.

Battery: Marginal batteries typical fail at extreme temperatures. This time of year, that often happens on cold frosty mornings, usually when you're already late for work! If your battery is more than 3-years old, it's a good idea to have it tested before you have starting problems. This is also a good time to clean the battery (use baking soda a neutralizer) and scrub and tighten those battery terminals. Many jump starts are due to battery terminal corrosion, and not a dead battery! Be sure to wear rubber gloves and safety glasses any time you work with your battery, and don't set metal tools on top.

Windshield: Is your defroster working properly? If you have an A/C system malfunction, this can also affect how well your defroster performs. Also, keep your windshield washer fluid topped off (You can make your own!) as muddy mist coming off trucks can be impossible to clear without it. Using a deicer in your fluid can also help out on frosty mornings.

Leaks: Don't delay fixing water leaks in your car. Besides the inevitable rust or mold problems, you can cause major electrical problems, some of which may affect airbag and other safety systems, or even cause you car to shut-down while driving.

Chains: Believe it or not, its chain season already! Cascade passes have already had some snow days, and the Coast Range is sure to follow soon. Long-Term forecast for the valley seem inconclusive, but past El-Nino years have given us early low-elevation snow events (often followed by flood-causing Pineapple Express storms!). Make sure you test-fit your chains before you need them! Sometimes, just changing tire brands even in the same size, may cause chain fitment problems. 

Roadside Assistance: Is your AAA account to date? Do you have you card with you when you travel? Sometimes, showing your card may be necessary if communication systems are overloaded, or if you need to flag down truck because you don't have phone service. Remember, upgrading to AAA+ will allow 100 miles of towing in any direction, instead of only taking you to the nearest service provider. This means you won't be stranded in Eugene, Newport, or even Portland if your car breaks down while you're out of town.

Please Remember: Move over for ALL Emergency Vehicles, including Tow Trucks & Service Trucks

About Bob's
Bob's Towing is one of the Willamette Valley's leading Towing & Roadside Assistance providers, handling over 1,000 calls each month! Services include unlocking vehicles, jump-starts, tire changes, recoveries and tows. We can tow all cars and trucks, including wildly lowered and lifted vehicles. We are one of the few providers with specialty motorcycle equipment. Our heavy tow trucks can even tow fully loaded semis with multiple trailers. Most calls are responded to within 30-minutes or less. Priority calls within Corvallis usually are responded to within 5-10 minutes.

Bob's is also the only Heavy Towing company in Benton County. 

Services are not limited to only vehicles. Bob's can also relocate small buildings, transport industrial machinery and transfer loads for long-haul trucks.